Tranquil Places in South-East England

Wikipedia's page on tranquility summarises the concept, and the benefits, of tranquility nicely:

Tranquillity (also spelt tranquility[1]) is the quality or state of being tranquil; calmness; serenity n [...] Being in a tranquil or ‘restorative’ environment allows individuals to take respite from the periods of sustained ‘directed attention’ that characterise modern living

Why have I compiled a list of tranquil places?

The pressures of life can take their toll on our health and well-being.   A short break in a tranquil environment gives us the ability to calm our minds and find some peace, even if it is only for a few minutes. So the main purpose of the list is to highlight local places of tranquility that are on your doorstep!

How to use this section

I've categorised each tranquil place into local areas (Reigate, Dorking, etc) in the South-East of England, and in most cases, there are multiple places within each local area. Each tranquil place is marked (defined by latitude & longitude) on an interactive map, which allows you to zoom in and find out more information about that spot.

Remember to visit again soon!

I'll be gradually adding more tranquil places in different areas across the South-East of England.