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15 Nov

Being nice can make you happier - 'Close the GAP' day

Did you miss the Close the GAP day earlier this week? It certainly hasn’t been the most high profile...

12 Nov

Do you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)?

I ask because I’m clear that an increasing number of clients coming to see me recently suffer from this disorder and this is borne out by the general statistics which show that in some...

30 Oct

Silent communication

Some alarming comments recently by the incredibly reputable Baroness Susan Greenfield, neuroscientist at Oxford University have...

09 Oct

Get exercising to improve your mental health

There's no magic pill to help people deal with depression and anxiety but we know that exercise has positive effects on the brain. It lifts our mood by increasing blood flow to the brain and...

18 Sep

Tackling mental health discrimination

Looking back at the Paralympics, it has been quite extraordinary to see the major shift in the attitude of the great British public to those physically disabled athletes who performed so...

24 Jul

Depression - the 'elephant in the room' exposed

I watched Ruby Wax's Mad Confessions on Channel 4 last night.

Ruby is herself a sufferer of clinical...

24 Jul

The stress of approaching retirement

I listened to a piece on BBC R4 the other day between clients – was about the depressingly low annuity rates being offered to pensioners who exchange cash sums for income. Sounds like the awful...

10 Jun

The Power of Positive Thinking

It has often been a bit of a mantra : to think positive – and positive will happen and I’m sure that there are many counsellors who have seen this effect (and clients who have experienced it too...