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02 Oct

Ante-natal classes - online or in person?

I see that York Hospital is to become the first in the country to replace ante-natal classes with “virtual” lessons for expectant mums to watch online (apparently
because just 25 per cent...

29 Aug

No more working for a week or two

Like many I have enjoyed a welcome two weeks' holiday this Summer and even though I didn’t go away, I made sure there was lots of time to relax including just sitting in the sun.

So having...

11 Jun

Bereavement & Food

Sounds like a strange combination. Just at a time when you're likely to have temporarily lost your appetite, a recent edition of the Food Programme on Radio 4 tells of the discovery of how food...

17 Mar

Relationships - choosing a partner

How difficult is it to choose a mobile phone? Well for me it's extremely difficult as there seems to be such an overwhelming choice out there.

I was finally forced to look for a new...

04 Feb

See your GP: Get a prescription for a book?

Yes, this is an initiative from the library and medical worlds to help treat those with mild mental health issues. Some who consult with their GP over a minor mental health problem may well find...

18 Jan

Well done Surrey County Council!

This is another step in the right direction to raising the profile of mental health. It’s Surrey County Council – with Council Cabinet Member for Adult and Social Care and Health, Michael Gosling...

14 Jan

Blue Monday

The expression Blue Monday was conjured up a while back to signify the most depressing day of the year – and the name was assigned to the third Monday in January (so this year it will be Monday 21...

12 Dec

A few thoughts on this festive time

Christmas can be different things to different people. For some it’s a deeply religious festival, for others a long break from work with family. For some it’s a shopping experience and for...