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02 Jan

The age of rage

You think the person in front of you is driving too slowly so you accelerate and overtake on a dangerously narrow road, or you pick up the nearest large object and throw it to the floor because...

16 Jun

Men & Paternal Postnatal Depression

Dr Anna Machin, an evolutionary anthropologist based at the University of Oxford recently gave a very interesting and informative presentation on this largely under-researched area of mental...

11 May

Feelings of loss and grief after the Election

As a new reshuffled Cabinet begins to take shape, how about those politicians and their staff who have been cast into the political wilderness? How are they feeling as they try and make sense of...

06 Nov

Let's talk about our mental health services for young adults and children

What a damning recent report from the Parliamentary Health Select Committee which highlights so many bad practices and inadequate treatments involving young adults and children with mental health...

25 Jul

Defusing stress

Stressed by your daily commute? Try 'canuting' - and travel by canoe.

This was a recent headline in The Guardian about a campaign inspired by our national waterways to encourage...

29 Apr

Transition to motherhood

Dear new mums and mums-to-be

The transition to motherhood is a significant time for you with loads of different emotions and expectations.

In a society preoccupied with how best to...

01 Apr

University students' mental health

It was a salutary reminder of the pressures our young people are under to have come across a link in a Guardian article (Monday 31 March) which took me to a National Union of Students survey on...

15 Feb

Stress levels rising with the tides

More strong winds and heavy rain are forecast. People are being rescued from their waterlogged homes. Power is disconnected and rivers continue to rise. Villagers in Somerset have been...