Try a Digital Detox

Written on 10 Aug 2016

Eating out last night with friends, the people on the next table were a family of four, with the two children (aged around 10 and 8 ) and their dad, all on their iPhones and the mum looking totally excluded from her family!

Just a couple of days before I had seen a recent OfCom report which stated that British adults spend more time online than they do sleeping. And it’s the younger age group who spend the most time on social media and surfing at just under 9 hours a day.

The report continues with the finding that nearly half go online or check apps more than 10 times a day but with 11 percent accessing the internet more than 50 times a day.

Fractionally under half of all users revealed that they missed out on sleep while a third admitted to missing time with friends and family.

However it was good to also read that around a third of those questioned had attempted a digital detox of some sort ranging from taking anything from a day up to a month away from the online world and others choosing a holiday destination with no internet access and in some instances no phone access.

I was also delighted to read (the i newspaper – Page 3 profile) on the same day of a bar owner in Brighton who has used tin foil to line the walls of his bar to block the mobile phone signals of his customers.

To quote from the article the owner, Steve Tyler, said: “Whenever you go out these days people are always glued to their phones looking down at their screens instead of talking and interacting with others” and continues: “ I want people to talk with the people that they are with, not those they are not with”.

Yes, I enjoy the benefits of digital communication – but I also have significant concern for the greatly reduced direct person-to-person contact that is a result of so many people choosing to communicate via electronic devices.

By nature we humans are deeply social beings and most people prefer to be in company most of the time. In many ways our social ties define our personal identity and give meaning to our life.

So I’m going to do my best to add to the numbers who are taking a digital detox and will encourage clients to do the same. I’ll also raise a glass in tribute to Steve Tyler and his foil lined bar in Brighton.

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