Domestic abuse counselling & help in Surrey

Anyone can experience domestic abuse regardless of age, race, class, sexuality, geography and lifestyle. It can be physical as in assault and battering, or it can be psychological as with constant criticism, the deliberate use of silence, name-calling, being cut off from friends and family, sex on demand, using threatening behaviour, and so on.

Whilst domestic abuse is usually associated with men harming women, men can be harmed too.

Records of domestic abuse are filled with accounts of jealous surveillance such as stalking, eavesdropping and checking of mobile phones which then isolates the survivor, making him/her more dependent on the perpetrator.

As a counsellor I can offer you support in a safe environment to tell your story and to work through the stages of recovery, helping you to reconnect with everyday life.

Contact me at or on 07946 517967 for an initial assessment to find out if counselling could be helpful for you. Alternatively you can visit my contact page.

The following video featuring Keira Knightley can be seen as an insight into a typical domestic abuse case. The clip is incredibly well produced, and therefore quite difficult to watch - viewer discretion is advised.