Bereavement counselling & support in Surrey

After the death of someone close to them, most people experience grief and go through a period of mourning. This will be affected by factors such as their relationship with the deceased person, the way the person died, their personality and coping style, age, gender, religious beliefs, cultural background, together with the type of support available to them.

Grief affects everyone - it is the universal reaction to loss. It is painful and stressful, but also a natural, normal and necessary part of the healing process.

Although everyone grieves in their own way, it has been suggested that there are four 'tasks' of mourning:

  • accepting the reality of the loss
  • working through the pain of grief
  • learning to live without the deceased person
  • moving on with life.

The death of someone close to you can come as a tremendous shock and you may feel shaky, numb, out of touch with things around you, and be aware of an empty feeling.   Shock is common during the days and weeks immediately following a death.   One one level you know that the person has died but on another deeper level it can seem impossible to accept that the person is not going to be around anymore.

Many bereaved people find themselves 'searching' for the person they have lost. Sadness, anger, guilt, relief, despair and fear are some of the emotions experienced during bereavement. It is important to recognise that everyone grieves in their own way and if someone goes about it in a different way to you, it does not mean they don't care.

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